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I’m a Freelance Front-End Web Developer and Content Creator

With a passion for building web apps and websites with stunning design and intuitive functionality, I work with clients who appreciate quality.

I Specialise in Creating Beautiful and Functional…

Wordpress Websites

For creating blogs and content-based websites, there’s no platfrom more popular than WordPress.

With experience across the whole spectrum of WordPress development including custom themes and plugins, I can help you to get up and running with WordPress within hours.

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Shopify Websites

After spending 10 months working with one of the only 19 Shopify Plus Partner Firms in AustraliaStead Lane, I’ve built a wealth of experience with Shopify Development and now offer my Theme Development Expertise to service my own clients

Latest Blog Posts

Article on Building Shopify Apps

How to Build a Shopify App – The Easy Way

Via christhefreelancer.com | Jan 3, 2020

A basic guide to what makes a Shopify App a Shopify App and how to get started building one using Node.js and Koa.

Shopify Liquid Guide

Shopify Liquid – The Ultimate Guide

Via christhefreelancer.com | Oct 4, 2019

A comprehensive guide to Shopify Liquid Programming, the templating language used in Shopify themes for loading dynamic content into your online store.